Monday, 26 May 2014

Get Moving in June!

Here at the Alberta Recreation and Parks Association office we have been busy promoting our upcoming June is Recreation and Parks Month and Acts of Random Physical Activity Challenges.  As staff members we spend majority of our work time seated at a computer desk. Though many of us are active during our spare time and enjoy sports, fitness classes, running, going to the gym etc…we are starting to realize the countless benefits of simply sitting less and moving more throughout the day!  New emerging research has been showing that the time spent being active really doesn't erase the impact of the time spent sitting, which just amplifies the importance of being mindful of our body’s needs to move more! As staff we realized the importance of walking our talk as we promote our upcoming June challenges to get active and moving more throughout each day.   

We decided to create an Acts of Random Physical Activity Challenge for the staff here in the office. The goal of our staff challenge is to reduce our sedentary behaviors (AKA the amount of time we spend sitting on our butts). Some daily challenges we are doing here at the office include:

  • Standing up to answer the phone
  • Parking far away from the front door in the morning
  • Scheduling walking meetings whenever possible
  • And hosting a standing meeting for our next staff meeting

Little changes can go a long way. These changes can be easily incorporated into daily life and can have a huge positive impact on your health. We hope you can take the “stand” with us to sit less and move more in your day!