Thursday, 31 July 2014

Social Media Plan

It seems that now more than ever, social media is one of the most popular forms of communication…and with good reason! By using social media you can build connections and share information with people who live all over Alberta (as well as all over the world!). Taking this into account, Communities ChooseWell has put together a social media plan to help promote healthy living and to support ChooseWell leaders online more actively. Starting this August, Communities ChooseWell will be posting regular updates to our social media pages. Keep your eyes open for:  

Munchin Monday
Wellness Wednesday
Fit Friday, and
Spotlight Saturday

On “Munchin Monday” watch for healthy and easy recipe ideas. On “Wellness Wednesday” we will post tools or resources to help promote wellness in your community. On “Fit Friday” we will post a fun and easy tip to help you fit in a little more physical activity for the week. Lastly, on “Spotlight Saturday” we will either feature a ChooseWell community and some of the great work they are doing to promote healthy eating and active living in their community or we will feature a partner organization and some of the resources and tools that they have to offer.

Starting on August 11th we will have two updates a week on both our Facebook page ( and our Twitter page (@ARPAchoosewell). We encourage you to use these updates in whatever way you please. Use them for your own information, or share them with your networks to keep your social media pages active and to help promote healthy living web wide. “See” you online! 

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